2016 Most Demanding Sofa Styles for your Drawing Room

| April 1, 2016

Drawing Room Sofa Designs Ideas:

Can you tell me what part of the home is used most commonly? Think! Rethink! Okay, I will give you some option, 1) kitchen 2) bedroom, 3) drawing room. So, which is correct 1, 2 or 3? Oho you can guess it easily because I mention it into the title of this article. Yes, you are right. It’s drawing room. It is a part of the home, that is not only used by the family members but also used for entertaining guest, neighbors, friends & any visitor who came at your home. So, of course, it should be decorated in a well way so that it can impart a good impression on others.

Are you thinking to renovate your drawing room? If yes then of course the first thing that you would like to change is “sofa set”. Am I right? Yes, of course I am because sofa is the most important & necessary thing for drawing room. In other words, we can say that without sofa you can never convert a room into a drawing room. Then of course it also becomes obvious that when you want to renovate your drawing room then you will first try to change the old & boring & of course inadequate set of sofa.

So, today, I am going to share the most latest & modern style of sofa set ideas with you so that you can get best idea from here. You can go with three seats sofas, two seats sofa, and a pair of sofa set, plain sofas, printed fabricated sofas & so on. Some more ideas are briefly illustrated below!

Leather Sofas:

00 leather modern sofa designs for drawing room 2016

The first important trend that is on its highest point is the use of leather sofas. Weather you visit a hotel or café, office or meeting room as well as an elite class family home, then you can only see leather sofas into their sitting areas. So, why don’t to stay behind in this race of trend. Just hurry up & replace your old boring sofas with leather sofas. You can go with black & white combination as well as you can think about dark chocolate brown color or navy blue color. Grey or beige colors will also looks impressive.  Set matching leather pillows on leather sofas for getting more decent look. Weather you have modern theme living room or classic theme, this trend can suit best to both themes.

Armless Sofas:

0 armless modern sofa designs for drawing room 2016

Another unique idea that you can follow is to go with armless sofas. These sofas can add a very friendly & casual touch into the living room. The sofa can bought either is metal or in wood. The choice is yours, but keeps in mind that wood structure of sofa always gives a traditional feel while metallic structure looks contemporary. So, choose the right one for your drawing room.

Armless & Backless Sofa Fashion:


Another most chic & funky sofa, that not actually look like a sofa but gives the feel of a bench or desk is the “backless & armless” sofa as you can view into the above picture.

Modern Geometric Shape Sofas:

2 geomatric design soafs fashion (2)

The geometric shape sofas are also in fashion. These actually convert your informal drawing room into a perfect formal & decent sitting area.

Trendy L-Shape Sofas for Drawing Room:

3 modern l shape sofa designs for drawing room 2016

Think about L-shaped sofas, these are considered best for rectangle shape drawing rooms. These can accentuate long drawing room spaces in a best way.

Round Sofas for Extra Large Sitting Room:

4 modern round sofa designs for drawing room 2016

If you have a large drawing room or you constructed a round sitting area then of course you should go with Round sofa set as shown above into the above picture. Perfect set of sofa for your round sitting area!

Functional Sofas Ideas:

5 functional modern sofa designs for drawing room 2016

Now days, the functional sofas are also available into the market. These sofas set actually serves not only as sofa for sitting but also convertible into bed & you can use these for resting & sleeping. So, in this way you can get two functions in one item. If you have a small space home then think about functional sofa sets for the drawing room so that you can use the space in a best way.

Sofa with Colorful Pillows:

6 modern soafs with colorful pillow design

If you cannot afford to replace your old sofa with new one then dear just change the look of your drawing room by adding colorful pillows on your old & boring sofas so that these can look funky & chic as you can view into the above picture.

Fashion of Neon Color Sofas:

7 neon  color soafs afshion

It’s the time to think about neon colors sofas! I am sure whenever you enter into a drawing room then neon color will leave a very positive & refreshing effect on your mind & you abruptly feel pleasure.

Interesting Shape Single Sofas for Drawing Room:

8 interesting shape sofa fashion
Along with two seater sofas or three seater sofas, you also need to add single sofas into the drawing room for creating extra sitting place. In this case add interesting shape single sofas as you can view into the above picture. These can add a very playful touch into your drawing room.

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