Different Hair Pieces for Wedding

| June 2, 2016

Various Beautiful bridal hairpieces

0. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

There are so many things which are used for grooming the bride because on the wedding day every part of a bride should be decorated  so when we  select a dress for wedding then turn is  the hairstyle which is so many in the world and many designer  introduce their  hairstyle  in every season in the previous years bun,knot,braid and fish tail ,messy bun, symmetrical etc are made by the brides but  a person becomes  fed up to see the  same thing at every time  so man is made with the change  and want to change in everything   so the hair designer has made some beautiful pins   and the head pieces which can make your simple hairstyle elegant and stylish   and now in this busy era no one has much time that she sits in front of the designer and he /she make  hairstyle of a bride  in two hours therefore brides should go with the simple but  stylish and fancy so for  the brides I have some  head pieces with different kind  so come with us and see the  collection of   headpieces.

0+ diffrent hair pieces for wedding

1.    Chiffon floral lace embellished with the beads and net made headpiece is looking so nice in the bun and the knot you can easily use and make your simple bun stylish  and with this headpiece you can   use the pearl jewelry   it can give you a royal look.

1. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

2.    Rhine stone floral  golden  chained  metal headband  for the bride  is looking awesome and when  the bride  go  under the light  it  become sparkle  it is very simple but looking  nice on your wrapped center parted bun.

2. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

3.    On the side bun you can use the lace with chiffon lace and motifs with ivory pearl and the Rhine stone   chained pin is looking gorgeous it is  used on the side of your  wedding hairstyle  you can use it  on the front of your hairstyle when you make half up and half down hairstyle.

3. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

4.    Flower headpiece with the pearls and the crystals embedded is looking  beautiful it is look like a crown of one side  head and it  give you an innocent look  in the Indian culture the head piece of  such type is called jhummer  with this headpiece you can wear  crystal  style jewelry.

4. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

5.    Many weddings are arranged on the   beach side and the boho   brides carry the   metal head chain  three  layer  gold  headpiece  with the gem stone  is perfect giving you  a boho bride look and in your curly  golden hair  this chain is  good for beach side  and if you are inspired from the goddess  then you should go with it.

5. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

6.    White pearl is a symbol of royalty and these pearls are so precious  then you can  select the  huge pearl with the tiny pearl  changed headband is  very fabulous  and on your side parted curtly  hair it looks like a crown  and it is good for the  day time wedding party.

6. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

7.    Different style floral crown  is handmade it is looking charming  and it is used mostly by the boho bride   on their ombre hairstyle  these flower crown is  giving you a  nice  boho bride  look  for the formal look you can add glitter on your flower crown   and  the backless gown is awesome  with this hairstyles.

7. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

8.    Tiny pearl embedded with the pearl   and the chained style headpiece is looking  gorgeous  in your messy bun it look  great and gives you a vintage  bride look so if you are inspired from the vintage  style then you can select this headpiece for your wedding it is very simple  .

8. diffrent hair pieces for wedding

9.    Some brides want to decorate their buns and the knots so they can use   these floral style sparkling pins in your hair in the messy bun it is attractive and these pins are very simple it can be used formally in any get together party and any type of your simple hairstyle you can use it to make it fancy.

9. diffrent hair pieces for wedding


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