Wonderful And Worth-Praising Sunflower Wedding Bouquet

| May 22, 2017

Bouquet is the most important item for a wedding because a bride has to carry a bouquet on her wedding day and she cannot run down the aisle without it. The significance of a bouquet is that because of the sweet smell of flowers, evil spirits don’t come near the bride therefore guaranteeing happiness and loyalty in the marriage.

Tossing the bouquet is also an important tradition, at the end of the ceremony bouquet is tossed by the bride and who catch it considered the next to get married. Long ago, only certain flowers were considered to bring good luck for the marriage such as roses, daffodils, daisy, magnolia, irises and orchids.

Each flower in the bouquet had its own special meaning in different parts of the world, and the color of the bouquet was also important the more intense color considered more intense feelings of the bride.

Holding or carrying a bouquet has become a fashion trend of this modern world and brides like to carry a bouquet match to their dress and according to the wedding theme.

If you are going to be getting married and choose yellow color for wedding theme then you must go with yellow color fresh flowers bouquet and what can be better than yellow sunflowers, stay with us and get the idea from here because some sunflowers bouquets are shown below.

Sunflowers are summer flowers, the bright yellow petals are sunny and cheerful while the dark centers add a touch of drama and they are the perfect compliment for rustic, country themed weddings. If you are a sunflower lover and want to carry a sunflower on the day of wedding, check this picture out and get the idea.

Make bouquets with sunflowers for your bridesmaids and make a little bit different sunflower bouquet for you, add some silk flowers with your fresh sunflowers in the matching color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. This idea will work great and will make you surely a prominent figure and all eyes will be on you from head to toe.

You can make your sunflowers wedding bouquet more versatile and attractive by mixing some other colors and kinds of flowers. Mixing it up depends upon what color statement you want for your bouquet to make and if you really want to draw the attention towards sunflowers, use white roses and gerbera daisies. If you want the sunflowers blend in, use darker shades flowers to create a sweet bouquet for your wedding.


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